iMonitor 计算机行为监管系统 适用于大、中型企业、政府的计算机行为监管解决方案, 支持 WINDOWS / 苹果MAC系统。

iMonitor EAM case studies

iMonitor EAM Saved Our Business!

National Vehicle Marketing

Location: United States
Employees: 150
National Vehicle was started in 1999 in downtown Omaha, Nebraska with a handful of employees. The goal was to provide an effective way to bring the buyers and sellers of special interest, luxury and classic cars together to facilitate an agreement easily from anywhere in the world.

I know what you're thinking, we used iMonitor to save our business from a vicious person who was embezzling funds and pocketing all of our profits. That's not the case at all. We actually got caught up in a yearlong mix up over bank account numbers that, had we not caught it when we did, might not have been reversible.

We had our accounting department making payments to a contractor who was doing IT work for us. We had iMonitor installed just to keep everyone honest about using their computers for work only. However, when we got an angry letter from this contractor's attorney claiming that we had never paid him, we were obviously very concerned. Our accountants had record of paying this contractor over the course of 10 months, but he had records showing that his bank account had never received a dollar.

Well, as we went back through out records, we found out that the bank account being entered for direct deposits to this gentlemen (three large deposits in all) were incorrect and the error had never been reported to us. We were able to find the faulty account number, and when we contacted the bank, the problem was easily resolved because the business who was getting out money by accident was very understanding.

Had we not been able to produce the incorrect account number, it's likely that the bank would not have divulged any information about the payments. When we were able to demonstrate good faith effort to pay this gentlemen, he accepted payment all was forgiven.

Basically, everyone fell in line when we told them we had downloaded the software. Not only did it save our company a ton of money, but it allowed us to move more quickly on projects now that the computers weren't constantly coming down with viruses and costing

iMonitor saved us from a lawsuit over payments we thought we were making. The error was only one number in a long account number, but iMonitor helped us to find the error and make amends before things got out of control.

Thank you iMonitor!

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